What does God say about Marriage?

The bible teaches that marriage is an honorable thing to do, as long as you keep the sex in the marriage (see Heb 13:4). A properly conducted marriage shows the relationship between Christ and his church. (see eph 5:32) In a marriage, the husband is to be the head of the family. He is to assume this responsibility, and not shirk it off onto his wife, as is often the case. In Exo 21:10 a husband is taught to provide wives, each one if he had more than one, with food, clothes and sex. He was never allowed to diminish these things to a wife, even if he took another wife.

What it means for you.

There is a lot of bible teaching about men and women, marriage and duties. The way to avoid prostitution is to be married. The way for younger married women who become single to stay in the faith is to get married again. (1co 7:8-9) Adultery is strictly forbidden. Adultery is having sex with another man's wife. Prostitution and uncleaness are forbidden too. That means having sex with somebody you are not married to is forbidden.

Verses to look up.

Mat 19:3-9, 1Co 7, Song of Solomon, pro 5:18

Questions for Review.
  1. Where is the first marriage in the bible?
  2. Where is the first marriage after the flood?
  3. Where is it stated that adultery begins in our hearts?
  4. Where does it sayt that we would be physically one with more than one person?