Praying to God.

Praying to God is something most people have at least thought about.

What does God say about the bible?

We are to pray without ceasing. We are to use few words, and they must be from our heart. Public prayer must be simple, short and humble. Most of our prayer should be done in a secret place. Remember that pray means, to ask. We are to praise and thank God also. But that is not prayer.

What it means for you.

Prayer is how you speak back to God. He speaks to you through the Bible. He spoke to a few people down through the centuries directly like a man to his friend, but to us, the bible is the way. We can speak directly back to Him.

Verses to look up.

Mat 6:5-15

Questions for Review.
  1. Where is the first prayer in the Bible?
  2. What is the first prayer in the New testament?
  3. What is the last prayer in the New Testament?
  4. In whose name are Christians to pray?